WWJP? (What Would Jesus Podcast?)

Okay, so that’s a pretty audacious claim to know what Jesus would podcast (either producing or listening). My intention wasn’t a bait-and-switch. As a consolation, this humble blogger offers a crowd-sourced list of the very best Catholic podcasts today, they have helped me so much in my faith journey. Perhaps at least honorable mentions to what Jesus might listen to. It’s a part of the New Catholic Renaissance.

If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you may have heard me mention “The New Catholic Renaissance”. What is it? It’s a renewal of truly beautiful and orthodox resources such as authors, speakers, radio/podcasts, movies, and television – as well as a number of study programs.

The late Zig Ziglar used to be a fan of the predecessor to podcasts: the audio cassette. Pop in a tape meant to teach, enrich and edify and continue on your drive. He called it an “automobile university”. The concept remains, especially for those of us that drive for a living or have a commute.

One of my longest running jobs has been pizza delivery (eight years and counting). While I’ve had much more complex jobs (and perhaps more prestigious ones) I really value the time behind the wheel to think through things and learn. I’ve listened to podcasts about business, marketing, economics, disaster preparedness, politics, time management, and more. Since I discovered Catholic radio, the predominant selection of podcasts is faith-related. I used to see bumper-stickers for Catholic radio and roll my eyes, but flipping stations one day, I was hooked (so are many non-Catholics by the way, and you’ll even find call-in shows with days that exclude Catholics from calling in).

What makes the best Catholic podcasts so great?
The best podcasts, or even speakers and authors know what’s best summed up in a quote from the fifth century BC philosopher Confucius:

When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger.
― Confucius

Perhaps a little blunt, but he’s right. The best faith resources are like a telescope that help the audience to see God more clearly. It’s a tool, not the object of importance. One of the best pocasting priests I know would be perfectly content if you never remembered his name, but that the Holy Spirit used him to bring you closer to God.

Another feature of some of the best podcasts (in my humble opinion) is that they cast a wide net. Not that they water down the truth, but that they’re appealing to even non-Christians, or at least Christians generally in an ecumenical sense.

So what’s on my mobile device these days for Catholic podcasts? For sure I’m likely enjoying Christ is the Answer, Called to Communion, or Catholic Answers Live. I’ve got a couple more that like The Journey Home, that either don’t publish as frequently, or that I enjoy – but not as often.

So which ones are your favorites? The list below is not an advertisement, it’s a chance for my readers (and fellow podcast listeners) to vote for or add their favorite Catholic podcasts. Please take the time to weigh in!
Podcasting priest silhouette - top Catholic podcasts presented by cathoholic


  1. David Noller

    Catholic Stuff You Should Know
    The Lanky Guys
    The Church in the 21st Centiry Center
    Three Dogs North

    • AJ Anderson

      Perfect! I’ll try to add them to the list before work today! (If I miss, the list should allow voters to add as well)

    • AJ Anderson

      That’s a tough call. It changes from time to time. Right now I’m enjoying the call in shows a lot. Specifically Catholic Answers and Called to Communion. If I had to pick one currently: Called to Communion.

      And I’ll keep considering and praying about a podcast of my own. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Gloria

    I have no doubt that if He lived on earth today, Jesus would podcast, and use everything possible to reach people where they are. 🙂
    Thanks for the suggestions on Catholic podcasts.


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