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Nuggets From God

Cutting down to one job has afforded me some more time – even with my two youngest kids under two years old.  I’ve started going back to Eucharistic Adoration regularly, and am ready to get some more blog posts out albeit even if they’re shorter.

Sometimes, God hits us between the eyes with a 2×4 of a message, in prayer or in reading scripture – but only if we’re listening. Nuggets from God is my attempt to share some of these (often very personal messages) that I’ve received.  This post sets the background stage.

I’m not going to be presumptuous to claim this is my direct link to God, and I’ve got some miraculous gift of prophecy – merely that I’ve been blindsided by a kernel of insight, or hit over the head with a message.  Often this message is what I need to hear instead of what I want to hear.

Regular Prayer Time

I’m no expert at regular prayer – but I’m getting better.  It’s important to carve out some time with the ultimate goal making my life around God, instead of “fitting Him in”.

Sometimes it’s as simple as praying while I feed the baby a bottle. One of the ways I’ve added more prayer time is by moving from a quick time at Eucharistic Adoration, to a dedicated hour per week.

Personal Adoration

monstrance for Eucharistic AdorationIf there’s an official way to spend time at Adoration – I’m not using it.  My method is personal and individual, but right now it works for me:

  • I start by entering and making the sign of the cross using the holy water font at the door.
  • After signing in, I genuflect on both knees at the same time (for a good 15 seconds). I meditate on the fact that I’m not worthy to be in the presence of our Lord – yet I’m not only welcome, I’m invited.
  • I’ll then kneel for a time, in personal prayer and meditation:  Adoration, Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving, or Praise (CCC 2626 – 2643)
  • My next step is to pray with scripture.  Sometimes it takes the form of Lectio Divina. I felt called to start with the Psalms.
  • I then seek out another passage in scripture.  Something else that jumps out at me from any passage.  I let it also speak to me.
  • Often mixed in at various points is more personal prayer.  I will try to just shut up and listen whenever I can.  I journal and take notes on what I hear.
  • With a collection of great faith-based books that sit unread on my shelf, I’m bringing one along to spend some time reading too.  I’ve started out with Prayer For Beginners by Peter Kreeft.  I take notes in my journal, and in the margins of the book.
  • I also make a point to pull out my list of folks that I’m praying for.  Taking time, I go over each name and call to mind what I want to intercede for them about.  Often I also pray for God’s will in their lives.  He knows what they need so much better than I.
  • After a final time just kneeling before the Lord, I exit by another similar genuflection – this time grateful for my time there, and praying to take this experience out with me to live better.  I again cross myself at the font and exit quietly.

Final Thoughts

Inspiration comes at any stage of the process for me – as does additional time kneeling quietly in prayer or contemplation.  I’m grateful to be able to go for an hour.  I get so much out of it.

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