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Agape Bible StudyAgape Bible Study Logo

Don’t let a little clunky or dated site appearance fool you.  This site is a treasure trove of free resources.  True to its claim, you’ll find Catholic  study of Sacred Scripture including: In-depth Bible studies in the living tradition of the Catholic Church; Ancient and contemporary commentaries; Historical and archaeological information; Catechism of the Catholic Church references.  All while faithful to the Magisterium, and totally free.  Its endorsements include Scott Hahn.


bible christian societyBible Christian Society

Another site that was created around the turn of the century – don’t let appearances fool you here either.  This powerhouse offers FREE apologetics resources to Catholics from EWTN’s own John Martignoni – who specializes in “Apologetics for the Masses”  When doing a call-in show, John often refers listeners to this site to get a more in-depth look at the topic he’s discussing, but there’s also some great quick apologetics too like his section “2 Minute Apologetics”.


Called To Communioncalled to communion logo

Perhaps best know as a call-in question and answer EWTN radio show with Dr David Anders, Called to Communion is also a blog focused on removing barriers to the Catholic Church that stem from misunderstandings.  You can get in touch with and learn more about the host at Dr David Anders’s personal site.


Catholic AnswersCatholic Answers Logo symbol

Specializing in Apologetics and Evangelization, Catholic Answers is an apostolate that includes publishing and sales of books, pamphlets, audio programs and Cathollic Answers Magazine.  Be sure to check out their newest podcast Catholic Answers Focus for in-depth interviews, and their nationally syndicated call-in radio program Catholic Answers Live – on of my favorites, and one of the most popular programs out there.  You can also view them on YouTube, enjoy their blog, partake in one of their conferences or cruises, or book one of their fantastic speakers.


Catholics Come HomeCatholics come home logo

Wrapping compassion in a top-quality produced media message, you’ll find a beacon for inactive Catholics, and others to explore or come home to the Catholic Church.  There’s inspiration and education available no matter if you’re looking to help someone else, or you’ve got questions about the Catholic church.  Maybe you’ve been pondering coming back, but have felt intimidated – they’ve got you covered too.  A wealth of resources.  I really love the training videos and Evangomercials.


Chastity ProjectChastity project

Created by Jason and Christlina Evert, the Chastity Project takes their experience of talking to more than a million people on six continents about chastity – and magnifies it. Contributors to the project include Christopher West, Jackie Francois-Angel, Paul J. Kim, Chris Stefanick, Matt Fradd, and many more. The site offers a wealth about the virtue of chastity. Really approachable stuff about dating, pornography, birth control, starting over, staying pure, and more. While the topic doesn’t seem attractive to many, when you really understand what we’re talking about it makes so much sense – and is really attractive to the youth of today.


Christ is the AnswerFr Riccardo Transparent

This radio program features Fr John Riccardo; an incredibly dynamic thinker and teacher.  He encourages diving into scripture, prayer/relationship, and reading extra-biblical treasures.  Far from clinically scholarly like that may sound – he is one of the most engaging Catholic speakers in the United States.  He gives context to scripture you might have heard a thousand times, and brings a wealth of meaning theologically and personally to it.



The Eternal Word Television Network.  Where to begin?  This amazing multimedia started with a promise of Mother Angelica to God.  It’s TV, Radio, podcasts and streaming, a mobile app, and even the National Catholic Register newspaper.  And it’s authentically Catholic.  If you’ve never heard the story of how EWTN came to be, it’s worth the 8 and a half minutes to see.


Formed.orgformed-logo-withoutTag (tiny)

Formed is a new partnership of some of the biggest names in the new Catholic Renaissance. A partnership between Lighthouse Catholic Media, The Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, Word on Fire, and the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.  The site offers premium access to some of the very best content available.  Audio, books, movies, and programs of study that have a huge monetary value in one place with subscription access.  There’s a parish subscription price to bring it to your whole faith community – or an individual subscription that’s value priced considering the content.  The value of these resources is actually immeasurable – in bringing souls home, and enriching and catechizing everyone from the fallen away to the faithfully devout.


Lighthouse Catholic MediaLighthouse Catholic Media Logo

Lighthouse Catholic Media is on the forefront of the New Catholic Renaissance. Best known for their kiosks found in churches, they provide some of the best Catholic speakers, authors and resources to Catholics near and far, for low suggested donations. The CD’s and books help the curious learn more about the faith; the fallen-away receive a nudge to return; the hungry receive a fresh outpouring of inspiration and teaching from the top sources.  I personally owe a great debt to the resources the offer.