Hello, I’m A CathoHolic

Cathoholic: (Catho-holic) /’kæθə’hɒlɪk/
Addicted to Jesus Christ, and the Church He founded.

Growing Up I Was Always Catholic
I have always enjoyed the peace and reverence I found in the Catholic Church, but too often I took it for granted. Like many “cradle Catholics” I spend some of my teens and twenties drifting away – secular life, new age, eastern philosophy and apathy.

While I was an altar boy, and I even considered becoming a priest – I was never “on fire”. Never thirsting for knowledge and relationship, you couldn’t really call me “well catechized”. And priesthood? Must have been too interested in girls.

A Path Home
The Holy Spirit has a way of bringing you home. There’s a lot of things that led me back to the Church, and I intend to share much of that story as we go.

After re-discovering my faith, I wanted to dig in, learn more, make it my own, and share it.  This is a place for you to join me on the journey, or dig in yourself.  Maybe a place to reflect and learn, or keep holy the Lord’s day.

What To Expect
There’s a Catholic talk entitled Why Be Catholic? by Patrick Madrid where he talks about “what the stained glass windows look like from the inside, the way they were meant to be seen, with the sunlight streaming through them so that their meaning and beauty can be understood and appreciated.” He references Pope Benedict XVI.

My hope is to offer you a number of things in one place. Besides inspiration, I’d love to share a number of things such as:

  • My personal journey – what makes a sinner like me a Cathoholic?
  • Resources for enrichment (recommendations, or spotlights)
  • Teaching you can trust – researched from smarter sources
  • Dispelling myths – there’s lots of them
  • Highlight celebrity priests – yes, you heard that right
  • Seeing the beauty from the inside of the stained glass windows – metaphorically

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